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BANGBANG-O-TEST avec The Real McKenzies

2 mai 2012

C’est nul autre que Paul McKenzie qui a répondu aux questions de ce BANGBANG-O-TEST. Il a fondé The Real McKenzies en 1992, il est vieux, il est intéressant, son groupe est difficile à battre live et vient de sortir un album intitulé Westwinds.

Last record you’ve listened to?

Sparks – Kimono My House

For which band do you dream to open?

They are all dead. I guess it would be The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

The label on which you would be honoured to release an album?

It’s already happening.FAT WRECK is an honorable label and they are all very nice too.

What is the unquestionable sign that tells that you have to stop drinking?

I have never experienced this unquestionable scenario you describe so I will just keep sipping on my beautiful single malt whisky. Thank you very much.

Worst thing that happened on tour?

I am constantly plagued by logistic nightmares. Just getting from one place to another on schedule can sometimes be a trying challenge. Somehow we always make the show in spite of logistic adversity.

For which professional team do you cheer for?

I cheer for no team except St.Paulie Hamburg Germany.

Is London Calling overrated?

I think the Clash are a great band. Joe Strummer was a friend of mine, he was a stellar fellow and is missed by many. To answer the question, « NO » I do not think that album is over rated.

The show that you can’t believe you’ve missed?

I will never forget back in ’78. There was a tour of Ian Dury opening for Lou Reed. The show was cancelled in Vancouver due to poor ticket sales. I was very disappointed at the time.

Would you rather have a conversation with Jello Biafra, Mr. Brett Gurewitz or John Joseph?

I would like to have a conversation with all of them at the same time over a table full of good beer.

Do you think (or did you ever think) that punk rock will change the world?

It already has. As just one small example look at the smart young conservative business people and their spiky hairdos that are completely acceptable in the business world today. I remember getting my teeth kicked in in ’77 for sporting the same hairstyle. Check the billboard charts and see top 50 places. There never were groups like that on the charts thirty years ago.

Was punk born in 1977 with the release of Never Mind The Bollocks?

No. Not in my opinion. The whole fashion punk scene was spawned by Malcom Mclarin and Vivian Westwood but Rebel music is hundreds of years old. The MC5 were the first « punk » music I heard done in an electric format, but I imagine there were many others that we will never hear about.

Most important record for you? The Subhumans’ Incorrect Thoughts or If I Should Fall from Grace with God by The Pogues? Why?

I will have to go with the Pogues because I really like them.

Who’s wrong?

Steven Harper, he seems to represent his elitist cronies instead of doing his job which is representing the Canadian people. I would like to take him on a barebones Canadian Rock and Roll tour with hopes that it would open his eyes and relive him of his sense of entitlement.

Who’s right?

No one is right for the simple fact that once a person reaches a certain level of office EVERYONE is corrupt to one degree or another.

Your first tattoo?

My first tattoo was a logo for my first band back in ’75.It looks cool but for me, tattoos really hurt. I guess my skin is overly sensitive. Since then I have added about ten or eleven to my collection and I do intend to get one more.

The period of punk rock that you wish you had seen?

I have seen all of the periods of punk and lived through them all as well. I am a fucking old cunt, you know.

The record you’ve listen to the most in your life?

It’s all early jazz and R & B soul, without a doubt.

Your favorite book?

Too many to list, but one that pops into my head is The Master and Margurita. I enjoy Russian literature. I think Farley Mowatt is a fine Canadian writer, but please do not tempt me to write about books or I shall be sitting here writing until I die, which may not be too far in the future.

The band you dream to see in a basement show?

I would like to see all of them and have seen my share. One band I would like to see way back in the early 60 s would be The Kinks.

On your gravestone, you epitaph should read…?

May he be in heaven before the devil knows he s dead. I do not want a gravestone or a grave, I just want my remains to be fed to the cats of Rome. At least then I would get a proper CAT LICK burial.


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