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Un BANGBANG-O-TEST avec Audio/Rocketry pour souligner leur passage au Québec cette semaine

23 janvier 2012

Audio/Rocketry est un band très cool de folk joué par des gars ayant macérés dans la scène punk rock et venant d’Edmonton. Très hâte de les voir dans le cadre de leur tournée qui les amènera de l’Alberta à la Nouvelle-Écosse. J’ai donc décidé d’envoyer un petit BANGBANG-O-TEST à leur chanteur, Joe Vickers, question d’avoir de quoi de cool à lire avant leur passage ici. Le groupe jouera quatre spectacles au Québec avec Alie Sin. Les dates sont en bas. Je trouve ça excellent et tout le monde sait bien que j’ai d’excellent goûts musicaux alors checkez leur page bandcamp.

Last record you’ve listened to?

As I write this, I’m listening to the Middle Brother’s record. It is by far my favorite record as of late.

For which band do you dream to open?

It’d be an absolute dream to open for either the Avett Brothers or Chuck Ragan simply because I love both acts.

The label on which you would be honoured to release an album?

ANTI- or SideOneDummy. It’d be an honor to be among the roster of those labels.

What is the unquestionable sign that tells that you have to stop drinking?

When you become overtly violent – physically and/or emotionally.

Worst thing that happened on tour?

Last summer, Blair’s (our guitar player) Orange head was stolen from the trailer during the load up in Quebec City after a show. Members from our traveling crew dispersed in different directions from the van in attempt to find the thief. Luckily, the culprit was caught in a back alley just a few blocks away. Sadly, it was the “rad dude” from the bar who bought us tons of shots earlier that night.

For which professional team do you cheer for?

I cheer for both the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames…it’s a violation against the battle of Alberta but I’ve been following them since I was a kid and enjoy their different styles of play.

Is London Calling overrated?

No. While it’s not my favorite Clash album, I wouldn’t say it’s overrated because there’s still a handful of great tunes on it. If anything, the art work is iconic and for this reason, the album has been morphed into punk rock poster cliché. Maybe that’s where the idea of it being overrated comes from.

The show that you can’t believe you’ve missed?

Ted Leo and the Pharmacist played in Edmonton a few years ago. Instead of going to the show, I went to a girl’s house. That was a huge mistake because the show was incredible and the girl… well, turns out she was a shitty person.

Would you rather have a conversation with Jello Biafra, Mr. Brett Gurewitz or Chris Hannah?

Chris Hannah without a doubt. He shreds on guitar, writes insightful lyrics and I’m a huge fan of his music.

Do you think (or did you ever think) that punk rock will change the world?

I think it has. I know that punk rock introduced me to the values of critical thinking and activism at a younger age. I know others that have had a similar experience and I’d like to think this effect has created an overall positive influence around the world.

Was punk born in 1977 with the release of Never Mind The Bollocks?

Punk was defined as a counter-culture in that era but certainly not born. In my mind, a person like Joe Hill, a folk singer and labour activist of the early 20th century who was executed for his political sensibilities, embodies the attitude of punk far greater than somebody like Sid Vicious.

Against Me!’s Crime or Ann Beretta’s The Other Side of the Coin ? Why?

Crime for sure. Against Me! was an influential band during my youth and this album was definitely a strong contributor to the impact they made on me.. see what I did there? (Yeah, pretty fucking lame.)

Who’s wrong?

Stephen Harper. His agenda does not represent my vision as a Canadian.

Who’s right?

Pete Seeger. Even at the age of 92, he continues to defend positive initiatives through the empowerment of music. He is a true inspiration.

Your first tattoo?

I’m tattooless at the moment but the band plans on getting matching Tazmanian Devil tattoos on this tour.

The period of punk rock that you wish you had seen?

I would love to have seen a live show at CBGB’s.

The record you’ve listen to the most in your life?

Emotionalism by the Avett Brothers.

Your favourite book?

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. It’s a satire about the devil visiting the Soviet Union for his annual ball. All sorts of great mischief happens throughout the book.

The band you dream to see in a basement show?

I saw Defiance, Ohio play a cozy basement in Calgary about five years ago. That was a dream come true.

On your gravestone, you epitaph should read…?

I’m having a hard time answering this question so Matt suggests my gravestone reads, « Necrophiliacs Welcome ».

Tous les albums du groupe peuvent être écoutés et téléchargés gratuitement sur leur page Bandcamp:

Page facebook d’Audio/Rocketry

Audio/Rocketry est de passage au Québec pour quatre dates. Tous les shows sont avec Alie Sin.

26 janvier à Montréal à l’Esco.

27 janvier à St-Hyacinthe au bar Le Zaricot

28 janvier à Québec au bar Le Scanner

29 janvier à Matane au bar Mansarde

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