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BANGBANG-O-TEST avec The Flatliners

6 octobre 2011

The Flatliners c’est un groupe que j’apprécie beaucoup. Du punk rock rapide influencé par l’école Fat Wreck Chords/Epitaph mais loin d’être trop liché et trop bonbon et joué par des gars qui semblent avoir une culture du punk rock qui va bien au delà du simple son californien des années ’90. Du punk rock joué pour les bonnes raisons, c’est-à-dire: avoir du fun. Chris Cresswell, chanteur et guitariste de ce quatuor de l’Ontario a répondu aux questions du BANGBANG-O-TEST.


Last record you’ve listened to?

 Of Misery And Turmoil by Young Livers 

 For which band do you dream to open?

 Opening for a gigantic band like Foo Fighters would be interesting. We’ve been lucky enough to play with some incredible bands and also some big festivals. I just saw Fucked Up open for Foo Fighters in Toronto though, and it was so cool to see a punk rock band playing a massive show like that. 

 The label on which you would be honored to release an album?

 I’m honoured we’ve gotten to work with some great labels already, and be a part of some cool projects. It would be fun to release an all Rocket From The Crypt cover album on Swami, haha.

 What is the unquestionable sign that tells you that you have to stop drinking?

 Cirrhosis of the liver is probably the big one. Either that or uncontrollably shitting yourself on account of your insides having been drowned with liquor.

 Worst thing that happened on tour?

Having shows cancelled last minute is never fun. Or when bands get their shit stolen. We had our van broken into one time, back window smashed, and all they took was an old Game Boy. What is the point? $500 later, we had a new back window and were scouring the streets for some asshole playing Tetris.

 For which professional team do you cheer for?

 We’ve all got hometown pride, and an extremely strong sense of optimism. That being said, we’re all Toronto Maple Leaf fans. 

 Is London Calling overated?

 London Calling is one of the greatest records in music history. Not ‘punk’ record, or ‘rock n roll’ record. Just in general. The Clash are one of the only bands to have truly ever mattered. 

 The show that you can’t believe you’ve missed?

 The Bronx and Mariachi El Bronx playing the same show together in Toronto last year. 

 Would you rather have a conversation with Jello Biafra, Mr. Brett Gurewitz or John Joseph?

I’ll talk to anyone really. I probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with Jello though…

 Do you think (or did you ever think) that punk rock will change the world?

 Punk rock, and music in general, changes the world on a constant basis. It provides people with a sense of escape, which sometimes leads to folks branching out and stepping out of their comfort zone in many different facets of their being. Trying new things. Living their lives differently. There is no border, no invisible line in the ground, when it comes to music. And as long as music continues to be made, the world will keep changing. Hopefully for the better too.

 Was punk born in 1977 with the release of Never Mind The Bollocks?

 « Punk » was born when guys like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis were playing music that revitalized the youth of that generation, and at the same time got under the skin of their elders. It wasn’t until people started speeding it up a bit, dying their hair all sorts of colours, and wearing leather jackets and ripped jeans that people decided to give it a new name.

 NOFX’s So Long And Thanks Fo All The Shoes or Less Than Jake’s Hello Rockview? Why? 

 I’d go with So Long… for this one. The transitions between really catchy ska and blistering punk rock are flawless on this record. 

 Who’s wrong?


 Who’s right?

 Everybody else.

 Your first tattoo?

 The first tattoo I ever got was a caricature cartoon of my grandfather that was in the Toronto Star (newspaper) when he retired from the medical board. I got it after he passed away in 2007.

 The period of punk rock that you wish you had seen?

 The early 80′s punk rock and hardcore scene. Nothing has ever sounded so exciting and frightening all at once.

 The record you’ve listen to the most in your life?

 Probably either And Out Come the Wolves by Rancid or The Blue Album by Weezer. 

 Your favourite book?

 Too many good reads to choose a favourite. That’s a tough one. 

 The band you dream to see in a basement show?

 The Clash for sure. That would have been an incredible sight to see. 

 On your gravestone, you epitaph should read…?

 « No worries. Everybody dies. Party on. »


The Flatliners sera en spectacle le 14 0ct0bre au Underworld à Montréal, le 15 octobre au Cercle à Québec et le 16 octobre au Maverick’s à Ottawa avec Living With Lions, Broadway Calls et The Arteries.


2 commentaires
  • GARY
    10 octobre 2011

    Of Misery and Toil, qu’on dit

  • punkrockhardcorefolketc
    11 octobre 2011

    Hum…pas que je veuille m’en détacher mais après vérification c’est bel et bien une erreur de Chris de The Flatliners et j’avoue que je n’ai pas cru bon de vérifier avant de poster le BBOTEST. Désolé.



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