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BANGBANG-O-TEST avec Permanent Bastards pour leur show dans le cadre des jeudis Pouzza

18 septembre 2011

J’ai vu Permanent Bastards en show au FOUFS en mai dernier au Pouzza Fest et je me suis dit trois choses: 1- Ça sonne vraiment comme Agaisnt Me!. 2- Ils se donnent en sale sur scène. 3- C’est très bon!. Pour vrai je sais pas trop c’est quoi le background musical de ces gars là mais ils sonnent vraiment comme des pros. J’ai bien aimé leur album Emericans et j’ai comme des attentes vis-à-vis de leur album qui va sortir un jour sur Anchorless Records qui à l’habitude de sortir du bon stock. Bien content d’avoir maintenant la chance de les revoir dans une plus petite salle ce jeudi 22 septembre pour un autre jeudi Pouzza. Simon Paik, le chanteur-guitariste, a répondu aux questions du BANGBANG-O-Test version jeudis Pouzza.

Last record you’ve listened to?

The Joys Of Living by Sharks.

 For which band do you dream to open?


 The label on which you would be honoured to release an album?

 Anchorless Records. We’re fucking on it!

 What is the unquestionable sign that tells that you have to stop drinking?

 A friend of ours got so drunk he walked around aimlessly and shirtless in Ottawa while it was snowing in -35 degree weather. He had to get taken to the emergency room because he almost died. Safe to say, he stopped drinking.

 Worst thing that happened on tour?

 Our wheel on our trailer broke off. Twice.


 For which professional team do you cheer for?

 The guys in the band are huge fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I cheer for Geoff Rowley.

 Is London Calling overated?

 I haven’t heard anything as well rounded, genre breaking, catchy, insightful and eye opening as London Calling. If you do, let me know. I’ll probably disagree.

 The show that you can’t believe you’ve missed?

 I’m going to miss Death From Above 1979. They’re playing in Toronto when we are going to be in the States.

 Would you rather have a conversation with Jello Biafra, Mr. Brett Gurewitz or John Joseph?

 I want to have a conversation with the man who said this at a London show:

 “ We’re not people, only you are people? Well, haha, we’re all people. What happens in America effects us, what happens here effects you. This is not an anti-skinhead song, an anti-Mohican song or an anti-hippy song. It’s what’s inside your head that counts. This is an anti-racist song; an anti-fighting song. Who came here to brawl anyways? In America, we have words for people like that, its called rednecks. Nazi rednecks, fuck you!’

 Do you think (or did you ever think) that punk rock will change the world?

 It brought up a young boy named Kurt Cobain, did it not?

 Was punk born in 1977 with the release of Never Mind The Bollocks?

 To put it simply, yes. Typically we cite them as the pioneers of the punk rock sound and put a stamp on the visual aesthetics of what punk rock was supposed to look like. But what many people tend to forget most of the time was the ideology. What they were saying was: We’re going to do what we want to do and we don’t care what you think—you’re shit anyway. It was the attitude that got people moving and that translated into their fashion and obviously their music.

 Against Me!’s Eternal Cowboy or Tom Waits’ Mule Variations? Why?

 I would have to say Eternal Cowboy. I love Tom Waits and Mule Variations was an incredible record but Eternal Cowboy was something that has always stuck with me. It’s such a timeless record, I have a lot of memories during the time of it’s release and that record was apart of it.

 Who’s wrong?


 Who’s right?

George Carlin.

 Your first tattoo?

 On its way….

 The period of punk rock that you wish you had seen?

 Well come on, 1977. Haha.

 The record you’ve listen to the most in your life?

 London Calling! I still listen to it like it came out last week.

 Your favourite book?

 Bound Together by Anthony Thornton.

 The band you dream to see in a basement show?

 The Libertines.

 On your gravestone, you epitaph should read…?

 “Let’s celebrate a life, not mourn a death.”


Permanent Bastards sera en show jeudi le jeudi 22 septembre au Panda Bar (2021 St-Denis, Montréal) avec Stuck Out Here.


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