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Leatherface sort un album live et je fais une entrevue avec Frankie Stubbs.

26 juillet 2011

J’aurais peut-être dû me forcer plus que ça. La dernière fois que j’ai voulu faire une entrevue avec Leatherface pour leur passage à Montréal l’année dernière (genre) Frankie Stubbs  n’a jamais répondu. L’explication d’Hugo a été «Ah, il doit être en train de dormir.» En train de dormir…? Alors quand Dédé de Big Wheel Records m’a offert de faire une entrevue avec le groupe je ne me suis pas trop fait d’attente. En plus, j’ai tendance à m’attacher très rapidement. Mais voilà, il a répondu. Frankie Stubbs. Le vrai là. Celui qui a écrit l’album Mush. Les chansons Andy, Sour Grapes et qui est capable de rendre une chanson ben ordinaire complètement hors de l’ordinaire avec sa voix. Je passe un peu pour un cave avec la question à propos de ce qu’il pense du dernier album des Sainte-Catherines parce que je ne savais pas que c’était leur label qui l’avait sortie en Angleterre mais ce n’est pas la première fois que ça m’arrive disons. Le groupe vient de sortir un album live et il est disponible via Big Wheel Records.

So you’ll release a live record that was recorded in Australia. Anything special about that record or it’s just another live record?

 The Arthouse was a very special place and it was closing down in April 2011 so we decided to honour its existence by recording a live album there! It was run by a very special group of people and I spent many happy months there. It was a sad day indeed when it closed down!

 Will you ever release a solo record? Because that 10’’ that came out in 2001 was pretty fucking good.

 I have every intention of recording a solo album. I have been working on songs but I am in no hurry!

 Talking of that 10’’ on which you cover Ship Song by Nick Cave, what is your favorite Nick Cave record and why is it your favorite record?

 No more shall we part because it is a beautiful record.

 Best band to have made a cover of Springtime?

 Hot Water Music.

 What do you think of the last record by The Sainte-Catherines? What song from that record would you cover?

 Our own record label released it so I think it’s pretty obvious what I think of it, we are not in the habit of releasing something we thought was shit and we don’t cover songs that are the same genre as us!

 Best album between Cock Sparrer’s 1978 S/T record and Never Mind The Bollocks?

 Are you fucking insane?? What sort of question is that? The Pistols. Jesus I can’t believe I even bothered to answer this question!!

 What’s the worst Leatherface record?

 Beerpig, the first 7″ single.

 Hot Water Music are big fans of Leatherface. They covered Springtime, you did a split record with them and Chuck Ragan covered Trenchfoot. Do you remember the first time you heard that band? What was the first impression you got?

 Wollard phoned me up and asked if I minded them doing a cover of it and I said of course not just send me a copy which he did along with other stuff and I liked it, the next time I heard them we were touring the States with them for 2 months and they were a fantastic bunch of people. Looking back I don’t know where Wollard got my number from? Maybe he worked for News International.

Will there ever be a new Leatherface record or a post-Leatherface musical career for you?

 Yes there will be another Leatherface record! For some reason people have thought every record we’ve done for the last 12 years was the last one!

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  • Pat
    26 juillet 2011

    Merci cher porteur de bonnes nouvelles! La commande est déjà passée…

  • Mike Savard
    28 juillet 2011

    Yes man! Y est pas très jasant, le monsieur…



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