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Oui, j’ai parlé à Jon Snodgrass

13 mai 2011

Jon Snodgrass a formé Drag The River en 1996 avec Chad Price, le chanteur de ALL. Drag The River a été un des premiers groupes à mixer le genre alt-country avec une touche punk rock. Plusieurs ont suivi par la suite. Un autre gars qui a eu une influence incroyable sur la scène d’aujourd’hui mais qui demeure quand même relativement peu connu. Il jouera au Québec 3 fois plutôt que 2 (ça se dis-tu ça) dans les deux prochaines semaines. Il a aussi un album nommé Tri-State qui sortira prochainement via le label Paper + Plastick. Voici ce qui est ressorti d’intéressant de notre court entretien.

If you had to resume the last 2 years of your life in few sentences, what would you say?

It seems like I live in Europe now. In the last two years I’ve been in Europe four times. I kind of tour there more than here. I got married. I bought a bar. It’s been an exciting couple of years. It was two of the best years I’ve had. For sure.

Where did you bought a bar?

In Fort Collins, Colorado where I live. With my wife. All of my friends come and play. Keeping it a very important place in this town. Younger and bigger bands can play. I wouldn’t want to run a bar by myself so I’m glad that she does it. But I help her out a lot. It’s fun to do different type of work. To put your mind into something else.

So you’re going to play two sets with Bad Astronaut up here in Montreal. How excited or honored are you to play with that band?

I have a long relationship with that band. They’ve covered my songs over the year and I’m just friend with those guys since the inception of the band. I remember sitting at a table when Joey was trying to figure out names for the band. Originally it was Bad Asstronaut. I told him that I didn’t think that people were going to get that. That it was too much. It’s funny for a little bit but it’s not when it’s time to get the records out in the mail. I would have been a bad idea I think. A little over the top. But yeah, I’m pretty excited. Me and Joey helped each other a lot musically over the years. We became friend in 1994.

First thing that comes to your mind when I tell you…

Virgil Dickerson: Not Mexican.

Tom Waits: Pizza box.

Uncle Tupelo: Belleville, Illinois.

Everything Sucks: I think of how honored I am that I got to sing on it. I’m singing backing vocals on a lot of the songs.

I know that you recorded 20 songs with Chad Price in 1996 at The Blasting Room and that’s pretty much the session that created Drag The River. What do you remember of that recording session? Anything interesting to say about it?

Well, yeah that was a fun time. We were like building that studio, working on it all the time. They didn’t had a lot of client then. Jason Livermore, who’s the main engineer there and he’s a partner in that too, was pretty new then and he was just learning how to use all the stuff. We were just recording. We didn’t even have a name for the band. We just had all these songs and we were having fun. It was a really good time in my life. I don’t really like those records though. Lot of people do, I don’t. I like some of the songs but it’s just that we were really young; we didn’t know what we were doing. In the time that we spend up there, if I had that time now I could make an amazing record. But that’s sort of lame to say ‘cause I know a lot of people do like those. You know how it is with anything like the first time you ever did when you’re extremely novice. You don’t think it’s good. It kind of makes a cringe when you hear some of that stuff. Like «Wow, I shouldn’t have write that song in that key. I can’t sing that really good. That don’t sound very good». That’s what I think. But there’s a couple of jam that I hear and I think they’re good. I wish those 20 songs were more like seven.

Do you think you’ll write a new Drag The River record eventually?

We’re actually working on it right now. I get back at the end of May and we’re going to The Blasting Room and record at least four songs. Maybe it will turn into five or six. We’ll see. We’re definitely getting it started and that’s how we’ve always done it. We just go in the studio for two or three days, two or three times and then we end up with a record. We try not to force anything. I always thought it was kind of a weird idea. Everyone works differently but I don’t like to say to myself that in a month from now I’M going in the studio for two weeks to make a record ‘cause I don’t know how I’m gonna feel a month from now. I don’t know if I’m gonna feel like making a record. But yeah, we’re coming back to Montreal in September. We’re booking it right now. We might bring Lenny Lashley. He’s just an old Boston guy. He was in that band called Darkbuster. He used to have a band named Lenny and The Piss Poor Boys. When we play together we always collaborate and do songs together.

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Jon Snodgrass jouera avec Bad Astronaut:

À Montréal vendredi le 20 mai au FOUF (87 Ste-Catherine Est) dans le cadre du Pouzz Fest.

À Québec samedi le 21 mai au Cercle.

À Montréal lundi le 23 mai au Katacombe dans le cadre du Pouzz Fest.

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