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Just being on tour, being poor and having fun: Inside Riot interview

4 mai 2011


Inside Riot c’est cool. Un band à travers lequel transpire le plaisir de jouer du punk rock rapide, mélodique et sans prétention. Puis étant donné que je suis tombé dedans quand j’étais plus jeune, je ne peux pas faire autrement que de sourire quand j’entends un band qui exploite ce son et qui le fait bien. J’ai trouvé leur premier album assez cool mais The Glory Years qui sort demain, le groupe joue d’ailleurs à l’Esco pour l’occasion, est vraiment solide. Ça sonne super bien et si le groupe se donne la peine de tourner et de jouer en masse je crois vraiment qu’il va se trouver pas mal de fans assez rapidement. En tout cas moi j’en suis un. J’ai eu une courte discussion avec Chris, chanteur et guitariste. Voici ce que ça a donné.

 Is it inspiring and motivating for you to see a band like The Flatliners having so much success?

For sure. Especially since they’re so young. I’ve been a huge fan of that band for a long time and eventually to get to meet them and experience what they’re doing and play shows with them and stuff like that. They’re just regular dudes like everybody else but they’re just having so much success which is awesome for them.

Is there something you learn from a band like that? Just from touring with them or watching them playing live.

Well, I mean that’s what they do. Like they keep doing it even if…money is a big issue these days. Well in my band for sure. We’re going on tour this summer for two months and our guitar player can’t even come. He’s not leaving the band but there’s some stuff he has to take care while we’re gone. We all owe money but we all wanted to do it. I’m 21 and I’m the oldest person in the band so we’re still young and we’re going to try for as long as we can. I don’t expect to do it when I’ll be 30 years old and still doing nothing. If I’m doing the same thing when I’m 30 I’m going to try to get my life together. Like right now I’m not doing anything else. I’m basically a bum living at home with my parents. I don’t want to be a bum at 30. I think it’s always something that I’ll do maybe just maybe not as full time as I do right now.

Where are you going during this two months tour?

We’re going to cross Canada with our friends The Hunters form Quebec City. We’re also doing a month in the States. It will be our first time there but haven’t really promoted anything.

 How do you feel about yesterday’s elections?

God. I mean, not really what I would have hoped for I guess. But honestly I don’t follow it that much.

Who did you work with for you new record?

When went to Toronto at Drive Studios and we recorded with Steve Rizun. He’s the Flatliners’ manager and producer. We did it in 8 days. We stayed at the guy who’s replacing our guitar player this summer. We stayed at his house everyday and basically ate all his food and been really annoying for eight days. The record turned out great in my opinion. Very excited to release it. Finally. It’s been such a struggle honestly. It’s been one of the hardest but most worth it thing I’ve ever done. Some of these songs have been created for definitely over a year and some of them not even a month.


Why have you decided to call your new record The Glory Years?

Actually we had two options. The artwork of the record is our old van. The best replica of our old van I’ve ever seen. Andrea from Dig It Up did it. We bought that van for 450$ on the side of the road and it was like the biggest piece of shit ever. And it seriously got us through 4 or 5 tours around Canada. It didn’t even break down. It was taken away from us by the police when we were in Quebec City because it was too rusty. It was in such a bad condition that it was illegal and they took it from us. They called a tow truck and the tow truck driver told us on the tow truck «Hey, if you guys have some pot, I’ll drive you to your show». So we were in the tow truck, the van in the back and he drove us to the venue. We dropped off our gear and said goodbye to the van. At first we were going to call the record Rust in Peace. Sometimes I think of it now and I think it would have been cooler but we called it The Glory Years because that van represents the first year and a half that we went on tour and experienced the band life I guess. Just being on tour, being poor and having fun. So that was the funniest year and we’re looking forward to many more hopefully.

What’s the coolest thing about punk rock in 2011?

Actually I think it’s the Pouzza Fest. I think it’s gonna be the coolest thing to happen in Montreal in a long time. There’s a lot of sweet bands coming here and at the Rock Fest Montebello. Yeah, these two festivals and obviously the Fest in Gainesville are really cool. I personally think that the Warped Tour should be exactly what the Rock Fest is.

What bands are you the most excited to see at Pouzza Fest?

Dear Landlord, Living With Lions, Such Gold and some of our best friends are in a band called Shared Arms. They’re from Windsor and are probably one of the best bands I’ve ever seen and listened to. They’re not that much older than us and honestly one of my favorite band.

Which record influenced you the most between Lifetime’s Jersey’s Best Dancers and No Use For A Name’s More Betterness!?

I’m not sure. They’re both pretty great that’s for sure. I think that when Hugo kind of told everybody that he was releasing our record he kind of said that we sounded like Lifetime mixed with some ’90 Fat Wreck Chords bands. But if you had asked me which records influenced me, I probably would have never said both of those even if they’re pretty good. I would have just said No Use For A Name. I really love that band.

Le groupe lancera son album The Glory Years jeudi à l’Esco (4467 St-Denis) avec Nichiel’s(qui lancera aussi son album J’ai marché parmi les zombies), Fortune Cookie Club et Operation Dynamo. Événement Facebook.

Il jouera aussi au FOUFS (87 Ste-Catherine Est) le dimanche 22 mai dans le cadre du Pouzza Fest.

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