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Oui, j’ai parlé à Russ Rankin.

31 mars 2011

Est-ce que je vous ai déja dit que Ballads From The Revolution est l’album que jai le plus écouté de ma vie. Ou pas loin en tout cas. Rien à foutre. ah OK. Mais reste que je me souviens exactement du moment où j’étais assis dans le bus et que le drum de Fertile Fields m’a explosé dans les oreils. C’est le seul album que j’ai eu envie d’écouter dans le mois qui a suivi. J’ai toujours suivi ce que le band a fait par la suite et 13 ans plus tard je suis extrêmement curieux de voir ce que ça va donner un show de Russ rankin en solo. J’adore ce que j’entends sur son myspace alors je vous invite à écouter ça pendant que vous aller lire cette entrevue. Pointez-vous aux shows. Russ Rankin et Tony Sly, deux légendes du punk rock californien en version dépluggée. Me semble que ça peut juste être cool.


What’s up with your solo career? Will you release a solo record soon?

I would like to. I’m right now looking for a record label. I have to write 4 or 5 more songs and then I need to find a record label.


From what we can ear on your MySpace page your new songs are influenced by Billy Bragg and Strummer. Will the record sound like that?

I think so. That’s the basic idea. Hopefully good melodies and strong lyrics with basic electric guitars.

When did you start to write those kinds of songs instead of aggressive and fast punk rock?

I think I started about a year and a half ago. My old band was no longer together so I was thinking of different directions to go in.

Is Only Crime still a band? Is it a project you’re still excited about?

We’re a band. We’re writing material for a new album. Only Crime is strange because everyone is living in different states so we don’t practice very often.

What is your principal occupation these days?

I work, I’m writing songs and I’m watching hockey.

You’re working for a team in the Western Hockey League right?

For the Kootnay Ice, yeah. I’m their California scout. I’m going to a lot of tournament and I scout for them.

Do you think that one day you will work for an NHL team?

I hope so. That’s my dream. That’s what I want to do. I sent out my resume to every team in the NHL last summer. I got responses but I didn’t got any job offers so I’m going to keep trying. I have a few friends playing in the NHL. I’m trying to use my contacts.


Do you think that Chara’s hit on Pacioretty was legal?

I think it was interference. I think it was really unfortunate that it happened at that place on the ice. I think that if the same play happens in the corner or behind the net it’s no big deal. But I think there’s a trend of players not respecting each others. I think these guys have to stop hitting each other in the head.

Since you’re watching a lot of junior playing, have you seen the next Sidney Crosby?

No I don’t think so. Most of the really good players in the western Hockey Leagues are playing in Canada. There’s a few really good players from California. Shane McColgan who plays for the Kelowna Rockets and he’s probably going to be drafted in the top 5 or 10 this year. He’s from Los Angeles. I have season tickets for the San Jose Sharks.

Do you think they’ll go for the Cup this year?

No I don’t think so.


They always have a good season but bad playoffs.

They have no heart. Nobody in that team has any heart.

Do you think it’s because it’s hard to concentrate on hockey when you play in an environment like San Jose or Phoenix?

No because Shane Doan plays with a lot of heart. Getzlaf has lot. Danny Boyle and Joe Pavelski are the only two players who really seem to care in San Jose.


You made a cover song of the Swingin’ Utters. What is your favorite album from that band?

Street of San Francisco. They’re from my town so I saw them play lots of time with many different line-ups. Before they were even call the Swingin’ Utters.

What do you miss the most about the Good Riddance years?

I miss being really busy on tour. Being on tour all the time and working on new album. That’s why I’m really happy the Tony (Sly) asked me to go on tour. I’m looking forward to it.

What was the golden period of Good Riddance?

I think 1995 and 1996 were crazy because it was brand new. We didn’t know what to expect. That was crazy. Also, I think 2001 was or most successful year. That was the most popular that we were. We played the biggest clubs, sold the most records.

Do you remember the first time you met or played with Tony Sly?

Yeah my old band played with him in southern California, probably in 1994. No special story. We had just heard of each other’s band since they’re from San Jose and we were from Santa Cruz, which is really close to each other, so we got on a show together and we just hung out, got along very well and they invited us to play a lot of shows after that. At that time Fat Wreck Chords was very new and they were one of the first bands on that label so I told Tony to tell them how we were. They really helped us a lot.


In the record Ballads From The Revolution you wrote that «being punk at 29 is much different than being punk at 17». How does being punk at 29 is different from being a punk in your mid-forties?

Not that much has changed since I wrote that. I’m having the same thoughts and I’m lucky to have the opportunity to write songs.

Lyrics wise, how is your solo stuff going to be different from Only Crime or Good Riddance?

I think it will be more similar to my old band. The songs are either going to be political.

I know you’re writing a column in AMP Magazine. Have you ever considered writing a book?

I have but I just don’t know what I would write about. A lot of people I know tell me that I should write a book. Then I ask them what I should write about and they don’t have an answer.

Maybe you could just write the story of you touring with a punk rock band for 10 years.

I could do that but everybody has already done that. Bands that were really popular or famous have done it. If I wrote a book like that it wouldn’t be any fun to read because all the years I toured I didn’t drink or take drugs or partying. So it’s really not that exciting to read.

Who’s going for the Stanley Cup this year?

We’ll see. I think Vancouver will get to the final in the West. They’re such a good team, so well coached and have two very solids goaltenders. They had so many injuries and still managed to win. In the East, even if I cannot stand the Philadelphia Flyers I think they’re probably the beast team in that conference right now.

Thank you very much for your time!

Good luck with the Canadians!


Russ Rankin avec Tony Sly:

Le 8 avril à Chicoutimi à L’Artis Resto-Lounge.

Le 9 avril à Drumondville au bar La Brassée.

Le 10 avril à Montréal au Foufounes Électriques.

Le 11 avril à Québec à L’Agitée.

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