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My dad believes that by embracing folk music we have all somehow « Revived » our interest in playing: AUSTIN LUCAS interview

18 novembre 2009

austin lucas

J’adore Austin Lucas. J’adore sa voix et le fait qu’il soit un ancien métaleux  qui se soit tourner vers une musique plus folk/bluegrass. Il est arrivé dans mon paysage musical juste au bon moment. Je continue de croire qu’il est grandement méconnu et qu’il mériterait que plus de gens découvre ce qu’il fait. Ça faisait longtemps que j’espérais son passage à Montréal et se sera chose faite ce samedi 21 novembre au Divan Orange en compagnie de Mike Hale et notre star locale en voie de devenir une star internationale, Colin Moore. Merci à Hugo et Hélène de L’Écurie pour cet excellent coup de booking. Je l’ai interviewé parce que je me suis dit que ça pourrait peut-être attirer l’attention de quelques personnes sur cet artiste. Anyways, je vous le recommande fortement si vous êtes un fan de musique en général. 

Why is the Revival Tour is called the Revival Tour? Is it mandatory to come from a punk rock background to be involved in it? 

I’m really not sure, me and my father were discussing this earlier today and we were trying to figure out exactly why Chuck chose that name. My dad said he thought the truest meaning behind the name was because most(but certainly not all) the folks involved have been from the punk world and kind of felt burned out on the punk music scene. My dad believes that by embracing folk music we have all somehow « Revived » our interest in playing. I think he might be onto something. My dad really is a smart guy.


What as been the last subject of debate on the bus of the tour? Politics, culture, TV show, sports, whatever… 

 Shoot, I’m not really sure.  It would have had to have been on the bus recently to tell you, I left the tour two weeks ago.  I think the last conversation I had on the bus involved how delicious birds nests are (birds nests are peanuts and pretzels covered in chocolate).  Sorry, just being honest.


How is it to tour with your father? Are there some crazy things that you would do normally on tour that you try not to do? Do you discover a side of his personality that you didn’t know? Does he discover a side of you that was not familiar to him?

No, not really, me and my dad are buddies and he is 100% one of the kids when he gets on that bus. Also, it’s not like I’m a drug addict or a crazy man whore or something. Truthfully there are few things my family hides from each other anyway.  We’re a very open family and one of our favourite things to do is to casually make fun of each other for things most families would never feel comfortable even discussing.  It usually blows away every one of my friends that come to my folk’s houses with me.  Almost nobody can believe how comfortable we are with each other.  I’m proud to be a Lucas.


Where the mutual admiration between you and Chuck Ragan does comes from? Can we expect another record like Bristle Ridge sooner or later? When did you meet each other?

I don’t know. Honestly I can’t speak for him, only for myself.  The thing that keeps me coming back to work with Chuck aside from the fact that he is a tremendous talent, is also the fact that he’s first and foremost a tremendous human being.   His generosity and kindness are unparalleled in the music business and indeed hard to come by in any walk of life.  The truth is that Chuck and Jill Ragan both are very much two of my biggest personal hero’s.  They embody the type of hard work, dedication and love that is worthy of all of our respect.  I for one could not be more thankful or feel more blessed to have them in my life.  These two people basically pulled me out of obscurity in the Czech Republic and handed me a career.  In my eyes the two of them are fucking saints for more than one reason.  For example Chuck puts up with me and all my complaining, shit stirring and shit talking.  I can be a real pain in the ass and he still treats me like pure gold, I wish I had as much patience and heart as that man.   


Coming from a punk rock background, what’s the record or artist that made you decide to unplug the guitar and go for some American grassroots music? The Godfather of Americana/bluegrass music in your book (might be someone different)?

That person without question was my father; I don’t think I can answer this question any better than that.  My father and his music gave me every bit of the drive, courage and knowledge that I needed to go on my musical journey. Also, my roommates in Dayton, Ohio that exclusively listened to metal. Which snapped me out of the aggressive music rut which I was so stuck in. Thanks dudes for making me tired of blast beats and growling. Seriously, in a round about way that saved my life.  Or drastically altered it for the better.      


You probably came across an artist of the Americana/bluegrass genre that had amazing music but questionable lyrics. Is the music more important than the music?

I honestly don’t have the time to get into this question and answer it in the way it deserves. This could be a whole interview in itself.


Is it different to write lyrics for a punk/hardcore song compared to what you do nowadays?

Not really, I just concentrate on melody a little bit more than I used to.


Are you a fan of professional sport? Favourite team and best professional sport memory if that’s the case.

No, I have nearly zero interest on sports. This is because when I was growing up punk we had an enemy called the jocks. They played sports and liked to try and beat us up. As a punk who has been in the scene for going on 19 years you might think I would have gotten over it but I haven’t.  Still to this day I associate sports with sexist, homophobic racist assholes and I just can’t get past it. That being said I super dig watching football with members of my peer group who take sports super seriously and root for whatever team they hate. But again, this has less to do with enjoyment of the sport and more to do with being a genuine shit stirrer.


 Record of the year so far?

I don’t know, all my touring buddies new records.  Honestly I don’t listen to much new music.  I mostly only listen to music 20 years old or older. But that being said the new Mike Hale record makes me cry in the right way. Chris Wollard and the ship thieves LP is fucking genius in that it wasn’t what anyone expected and so as a result some people didn’t get it. Truth is though that it was definitely on some next level shit and is most certainly more than a cut above most of our peers’ recent musical outputs.    

Things I’m looking forward to in 2010 are a new Ninja Gun, a new Josh Small record.  This year I also discovered Cheap Girls who are fucking amazing, Oh and my newest discovery is Jenny Owen Youngs who’s last record is absolutely perfection. Oh and four last words, Possessed by Paul James!!!!!!!!!

Samedi le 21 novembre au Divan Orange.

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    19 novembre 2009

    Bon travail man!
    Sais-tu c’est combien le show?

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    19 novembre 2009


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