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25 juillet 2009


Mercredi soir je suis allé voir un show au Squalor pour la première fois. Une salle de show improvisée dans le sous-sol d’un building un peu louche qui sent le squat à moitié.

Je voulais voir Seasick et I Refuse. Mais surtout SLOBS. Je suis parti après I Refuse qui a joué en deuxième et qui a donné une solide performance mais j’avais juste pas de fun. Trop fatigué. Trop chaud. Trop mal aux jambes.

J’ai quand même pris ce vidéo de SLOBS. Un nom à retenir je vous le dit.

Le son est loin d’être malade et l’image est sombre…c’est comme si vous y étiez.

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  • punk rod
    26 juillet 2009

    youthOfNausea presents:

    School Jerks (TOHC – )
    Reject (Scandi Punx)
    Foreign Bodies (legit 77 http://www.myspace.comforeignbodiesmtl )
    Slobs (US 82 – )

    6pm BBQ
    8pm Show (will start on time!)

    $4 ALL AGES

    at Friendship Cove (215A Murray Metro Bonaventure)

    Yes i want this to be a legit party. A party for all of us! Everyone will be welcome regardless of how they wear their hair. There will be BBQ from 6pm to 8pm to feed the bands and hungry punx. Cheap hotdogs for both meat-lovers and meat-haters! maybe some tofu-burgers too if i have time. Make a punk party playlist on your ipod. Anyone will be allowed to play their tunes for 20 minutes.

    School Jerks are a rather young band from Toronto and play true oldschool hardcore early 80s swtyle. They don’t wear fancy gears and are not quite lookers either. Chances are they are not popular people so they play great angry pissed off hardcore. anyone who saw them at LBH last summer know exactly what i am talking about. Also the guy who used to sing in Terminal State is in the band.

    Reject don’t know how they should describe their sound. so i’d say you will hear Scandinavian-influenced punk rock – fast, furious, rough-around-the-edges and loud. They wear leather pants in summer, never shower and have 10 ft. tri-hawks (jk).

    Forein Bodies are a genuine 77 style punk band with female vox. The singer’s rather sketchy but the guitarist is fabulous. i like them a lot.

    Slobs are pretty much the hottest « new » hardcore band from Mtl now. They have louie p svp in the band which automatically makes them the best Canadienne-francais separatist hardcore band ever.



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