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Mike Hale lâche toute

25 février 2009

Ou presque…L’ex-chanteur de Gunmoll, et maintenant à la barre de In The Red et de son projet solo, a décidé de balancer sa job, dropper son appart, vendre son truck et d’entreposer ses effets personnels pour partir sur la route full fuckin’ time comme on dit.

My name is Mike Hale. I’m 34 years old, and today was the last day of my life. I packed up my tools with a little extra care at the end of my work day today. Who knows when they’ll be used again. Did I mention that I’m a carpenter / was a carpenter?

That’s kind of the problem. I’ve been wanting a different life for so long. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t wishing for it.

I play guitar and sing a little too. That, also being part of the problem. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. so much so, that everyday, I spend almost every minute day-dreaming about it……..

Gave my boss notice, sold my truck, have a safe place to store all my personal shit. I’m going on tour… full time. By full time I mean that from now on my occupation will solely consist of playing music. I will either be touring on my own or with In The Red. I’m leaving this life behind.

Bonne chance mon gars !

In The Red sera au Quais des Brumes à Montréal le 8 mars avec Greg Cocaine.

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  • ivonne a vargas
    5 décembre 2009

    Well,suprised,carpenter !music suites you well dear,great melodies.If you hammer as well as you play guitar, well! build me our house ;) and i’ll prepare us some poutine;) with Love ;) Man with courage,leaving is position. Taking risk in life, that’s being real.Great idea, great music.You were with me when i moved out, few songs,december, ’03 ’09.Life is great ! Keep on Rocking in a Free World.I left all being too, and it feels great.I left an excellent position to fallow my wish, and what felt real. Believe in you and positive thinking Dear.Now I’m in Toronto,tomorrow who knows !?See you around.Love Ivonne mssge me:418-262-3809,soon 416



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