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16 janvier 2008


Penny Rimbaud à Soft Focus, de loin la meilleure émission sur

Je viens d’apprendre que l’animateur est le chanteur de Nation Of Ulysses.

I’ve got no allegiance whatsoever to punk as a form of music. Never really did. Punk as I knew it has a political purpose. What is classified as ‘punk’ music these days is absolutely empty and gutless.

I genuinely believe that if it hadn’t been for Crass and the movement which grew out of it, punk would now only be remembered as another old dame in the rock and roll pantomime; just the same old attitudes dressed up in a different costume. The Pistols certainly didn’t do anything more radical than Elvis Presley, the only difference was that Elvis could handle his drugs better than they could.

Crass wanted to change the world, and in some respects we did, but nowhere to the degree that we set out to. We wanted to undermine the prime institutions of the State and everything that it represented. We went to great lengths to do that. The rock and roll swank of performing in a band was simply the platform we used.

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  • pat
    17 janvier 2008

    Ha ha, merci Alexis.



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