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Bonne fête Revelation Records !

10 novembre 2007

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Revelation Records a 20 ans. Il y en a que ça ne rajeunit pas.

Jordan Cooper, le co-fondateur du label avec Mister Ray Cappo, a donné une bonne entrevue pour l’occasion.

Early on Revelation had such an amazing reputation that people would buy
every release regardless of whether or not they were familiar with the band.
Was it hard to sustain that kind of pace?

That’s hard to answer because it’s not something we planned or even tried to
maintain. When our tastes were very clear cut and there was a tight knit group
of bands that pretty much all of our friends liked it was probably reasonable
to think that a lot of people we didn’t know would also like them. I just
didn’t really think much about that. Then as bands split up and new ones
formed that were all doing something different it wasn’t as monolithic as it
was in the beginning even if most of the people in the bands were still the

When do you think that started to change?

You can probably look at the catalog and see it. Probably the first record
that was outside the realm of the first few releases was Slipknot. Then
Shelter, Quicksand, Into Another, Farside and Iceburn. From there I think the
label had moved on from that state and people couldn’t just expect a
straightforward hardcore record if they bought a Revelation release. Rob Moran
(from Unbroken, etc.) used to come by Revelation before he worked here and
used to imitate what a hardcore kid would say after hearing Into Another for
the first time. He would scream, « Richie, how could you?! » We used to joke
around about it because we knew that people who were expecting a new Bold
record when they bought Farside or Statue or a lot of the other bands from
that time would be (hopefully just initially) disappointed. But there really
wasn’t anything we could do besides put out the stuff we wanted to and hope
that people would like it.

+ 15 ponts simplement pour avoir mentionné le nom Unbroken.

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